Meet Tati

Meet Tati

Meet Tati, the newest member of the talented jewellers at Marigold.

Born in El Salvador and growing up in Barcelona, Tati became a devoted jeweller and designer giving shape to the characters and experiences of her stories. For Tati, jewellery is not only an object with aesthetic value but also a way to awaken curiosity.

Marigold met Tati by partnering with the YMCA/YWCA in a six-week program called Power of Trades.

Power of Trades offers pre-employment training and support for immigrants who want to work in the skilled trades in which all services are offered at no cost to participants. The program includes training, access to in-demand certifications and help with staffing needs.

For more information about Power of Trades, please contact:
Power of Trades
180 Argyle Ave. 4th Floor
Ottawa, Ontario K2P 1B7

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