Bridal & Groom Trends You Need To Know In 2019

Bridal & Groom Trends You Need To Know In 2019


It’s almost everyone’s favourite time of year; wedding season. We’re here to walk you from the runway to the aisle with our pick of trends to follow & tweak for this 2019 season.


For the Bride(s)

We’ve seen two royal weddings leading up to this year’s show weeks, three if you count Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas. Celebrity and royal weddings naturally have a massive influence on the years following them. The Duchess of Sussex and Princess Eugenie both opted for minimalist looks, but don’t fret; minimalistic doesn’t equate boring. Tailored and structured silhouettes were seen across the runways of Dior, Ralph Lauren, Balmain and Ines di Santo (just to name a few).

The minimalist silhouette gives way for extravagance in other areas. Accessories took center stage; opulent bows, over-the-top veils, and our personal favourite, capes. Capes are a great way to add embellishment and transform a look. If you want a more traditional, sleeved gown for the ceremony but want the drama of a low-back or sleeveless dress for later on, a cape will help you accomplish that goal. Two looks without the fuss of a full change.

Veils remain a staple in bridal couture, but this year designers went all-out. They served more to make a statement than create an accent. Long veils with volume, adorned with lace detailing and embroidered with jewels are a sure way to draw gasps. Bows were used in the same way; the bigger the bow, the better. Although that might not sound wearable, super-structural bows are an interesting and modern way to elevate a shape and create drama.


For the Groom(s)

Suiting can be overwhelming, we whole-heartedly understand. Allow us to make it easier. The three-piece suit should be your starting point. This style is back in favour and we couldn’t be more excited. It’s sophisticated yet versatile and there’s plenty of room for customization. It allows for an impeccably tailored look during the ceremony and as festivities progress, the jacket can be removed and sleeves rolled up for a casual yet still put-together effect.

Slim-fits were a focus for designers leading up to spring, from top to bottom. Slim or tapered trousers and jackets were used to emphasize the chest and shoulder area, highlighting athletic lines. Slightly cropped pants were also a reoccurring theme but last year’s trend of wearing runners with an exposed ankle seems to fading-out. Try opting for a classic, pointed toe shoe with fun socks instead.

Vibrant hues are having their moment with purple, burgundy and ink blue gracing runways. Don’t be afraid of colour on your big day; steer-away from traditional neutrals like black or grey and try experimenting with the bold and bright. Celebrities like Timothy Chalamet, Ezra Miller and Idris Elba donned colourful and patterned styles for their red-carpet appearances this year. Scared of overdoing it? You don’t have to commit to one trend fully; try a check print waist-coat and pair it with a grounding colour throughout the rest of the suit for a contemporary twist. Richly-textured fabrics like tweed and velvet have also been popular and can really boost your presentation.


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